For 1 sack of crawfish (30-40 lbs)

*based on 13 gallons (52 quarts) of water
1) Bring your water to a rolling boil

   2) Add half of a 7lb Box of Dat Cajun Chitt seasoning

   3) Boil potatoes, corn, sausage, etc. then remove

   4) Add remainder of box to the boil

   5) Add clean crawfish to rolling boil and cook for 8 min

   6) Shut off fire

   7) Dump 10 lb bag of ice into boil to reduce temperature

   8) Let crawfish soak in boil for 20-25 min (for spicier taste soak longer)

   9) Dump crawfish into cooler and let sit for 15 minutes

Add half a box for each additional sack and repeat steps (5-9)


For up to 10 lbs of protein plus potatoes, corn, sausage
 *Mix with 1 gallon of water


   1) Bring water to rolling boil 

   2) Add half a bag of seasoning  

   3) Boil potatoes, corn, sausage, etc. Then remove

   4) Return water to rolling boil and add remaining 1/2 bag of seasoning

   5) Add seafood and cook for 2-5 minutes (depending on size).  Turn heat off immediately and Let Seafood soak to desired heat.

Test for doneness by grabbing a tester every 2-3 min. Be sure not to overcook delicate seafood as it will become tough.