About Us

Dat Cajun Chitt is the delicious brainchild of the Postel Family, a small and passionate clan who have been boiling crawfish together for over 15 years. Their backyard boils were always the talk of the town, with everyone pitching in to create the perfect dish. Adolph, the family's crawfish-cleaning guru, knew that keeping up with fresh ingredients could be a hassle when boiling multiple sacks. So he came up with a genius idea: a granulated version of their family recipe that could be used to make consistently flavorful crawfish without all the labor and expense of fresh ingredients.

Thus, Dat Cajun Chitt was born, a "Boil in a Box" solution that brings the joy and flavor of traditional crawfish boils to anyone's kitchen. The Postel family uses only the highest quality ingredients to create their signature blend, ensuring that every bite is packed with juicy and bold flavor that permeates through each and every crawfish. Best of all, clean-up is a snap, allowing the family to get back to what they do best: enjoying each other's company.

Now, the Postels are dedicated to sharing their delicious creation with the world. They are a small, local, family-run business with all their kids involved, committed to providing outstanding customer service and a product that never fails to impress. Dat Cajun Chitt is available in over a dozen retailers around the Houston area and online and has even won several awards at local competitions. The family is humbled by all the praise they've received and can't wait to make your boil experience as easy and consistent as possible.