Dat Cajun Chitt is a small family run business started by the Postel Family in 2018. 
Boiling crawfish has been a family affair for them for over 15 years.  They were always the ones hosting the big backyard boils year after year.  Everyone would help, the boys would get the equipment out, and the girls would be cutting up the lemons, onions, garlic, other vegetables.  Meanwhile, Adolph would be cleaning the crawfish and getting them ready for the boil.  Everyone pitched in, and their boils were always a big hit with their family and friends. 
They quickly realized once you start boiling multiple sacks at a time, keeping up with the fresh ingredients can become overwhelming and even lead to inconsistent batches.  So, Adolph came up with an idea and approached an established spice manufacturer about creating a granulated version of his fresh ingredient recipe where they could have all the flavor they loved without all the labor and expense of the fresh ingredients.  So after many months of prototyping and using the highest quality ingredients, DAT Cajun Chitt!! was born. Today you can enjoy juicy and flavorful crawfish with their ‘Boil in a Box’ by just adding water.  The flavor penetrates thru the entire crawfish and the first batch is just as great as the last!  Dat Cajun Chitt!! allowed them to get back to enjoying family and friends and made clean up a snap! 


They remain a small, local, family run business and are dedicated to providing a great product and outstanding customer service to all of their supporters.  All of their kids are involved in the business and they are excited to make everyone’s boil experience as easy and consistent as possible. Dat Cajun Chitt!! is carried in over a dozen retailers around the Houston area, it is sold online, and has won several awards at competitions around the Houston area.  The Postels have been humbled by all the praise!